Mobile Conversations

Conversational Mobile Experiences


Mobile Marketing.  Mobile Entertainment.

Mobile Learning.


What conversation do you want to start?


Extend your story from television, retail products or

print to Mobile, Tablets and Ultrabooks          


Mobile Text Conversations


The essence of how we use our mobile devices.

The number 1 form of written communication... the World.


Chat on mobile-web = no per message costs plus delivery

of rich media

Communication Design

At  heart, Mobile is a "Communicator"

contentAI studios are Communication Designers


Delivering compelling, real-time, 2-way Communication Experiences

2nd Screen Experiences

Sometimes "Location" = The Couch


2nd-Screen engagement now exceeds 50% of

Mobile and Tablet User Engagement.


Intuitively Extend Story & Ad Units Across Screens

With interactive scenes synchronized on the 2nd Screen



content AI

Your Brand’s Knowledge & Voice is Distinct


Proactive Virtual Agents, Guides and Characters


contentAI studiosPlatform and a Service produce and serve story-driven conversations on mobile web and apps.

Interactive Scenes with virtual Brand Agents and Characters deliver intelligent,engaging mobile experiences with the consumer  – Extending packaging, print and television to the 2nd Screen:

*     Conversational Virtual Brand Agents and Characters

*     HTML.5 mobile web and native apps

*     One to one automated, personal engagement

*     Each agent features a unique Intelligence & Personality Vertical

*     Conversational Analtyics provide human “listening” & action

White Paper, Stanford University Study: “The Benefits of Interactive Online Characters .pdf”