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Conversational Mobile Experiences with a Twist

Our sister division, has launched a new product line in association with that falls into the “conversational mobile” space – albeit different from contentAI studios, we share many of the same mobile tools and resources. Introducing:   *  Fan Merchandise * NFC Tags * Player media content (video and audio) *  Fan Engagement

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NFC Jewelry + Mobile App = Cross Platform Fun

Typically, when we refer to x-platform storytelling, we’re thinking about a story that spans multiple screens. But, we’re venturing into a slightly different space to extend the definition of “x-platform” (cross-platform) – With a line of NFC jewelry for children (based on a character; and designed to be integrated within real-world “play”) with an NFC

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A Side Trip to 2nd Screen Apps

Via our parent company, zyntroPICS inc., contentAI studios have been testing integration capabilities with various interactive video platforms — The purpose has been to create truly unique 2nd Screen experiences. zyntroPICS inc. was recently engaged to undertake a significant interactive video project for a major U.S. network that may appear unrelated to the contentAI platform,

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Happy 2013 – The Year of 2nd Screen and IoT

contentAI studios and zyntroPICS Inc. wish everyone a wonderful 2013. From our side, the focus of our ventures have narrow-focused to extending storied content experiences to 2nd Screens and the “internet of things.” (“IoT”) Initially, we will be extending our own children’s app properties, which have done exceptionally well on mobile, to IoT products. Call

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The Evolution of 2nd Screen Apps to Storytelling

There is no point summarizing this article. The value is in reading it in it’s entirety. OK…one teaser quote: The big win, the ultimate expression and promise of social TV, is the understanding of digital and social media as storytelling media.

Kid’s TV and 2nd Screen Possibilities – The Best Early Adopters?

We were looking at our conversational analytics and focusing on the (literally) thousands of chat/engagements that our children’s apps receive each month. As we’ve added a couple of new children’s themed apps, the numbers keep increasing. But, more importantly, the engagement stats are showing longer and longer engagements per session.  The quality of those engagements

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contentAI Autumn Updates

Summer was (as always) far too brief. Here @ contentAI, we spent most of the summer working on our consumer-facing English as a Second Language ( conversational applications, especially a children’s series (the abcDog series).  We also expanded to release all of our apps on the Chrome App Store. But, as the clouds return to

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2nd Screen Apps Featuring Virtual Characters

      We’ve been very focused on 2nd Screen applications for our platform and are in discussions with companies we can work with for broadcast solutions which we feel are exceptional (Hint:  They do NOT use audio for automated content recognition).  Nothing wrong with Audio ACR, but there are other approaches which are faster

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Virtual Agents Designed for Mobile First

The contentAI platform was specifically designed for “mobile first” engagement – With virtual agents and characters who differ greatly from “online” bots and virtual agents. That key difference is with our “proactive” (or, “motivated“) virtual agents/characters who view each engagement as if it’s a short scene that has a logical conclusion (contextual to the mobile

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