Our “My Santa Talk” Featured on INTEL’s AppUp Store

Congrats to our contentAI and MySantaTalk team. . .INTEL’s AppUP store has the “My Santa Talk” interactive chat with Santa on it’s featured banner page…you know, up there with Angry Birds…

INTEL’S appUP (Windows 32 & 64)**

Interactive Fiction – An Emerging Market

Nice story over in GigaOM today:


While our interactive narrative is a unique branch of “interactive fiction,” seeing this as an emerging topic is terrific.

We are releasing the 2001 MySantaTalk mobile web (and some native app versions) tomorrow!

The URL:  http://m.MySantaTalk.com will redirect to the new app as soon as it’s “live.”

Our new UI is featured — While the UI is still undergoing upgrades and responsive design enhancements, this is a true Ver. 1.0 release as we move out of Beta.

We’re looking forward to the “App of the Week” status from our friends at INTEL’s AppUP…We’ll post links there next week too.

Have a wonderful and safe Holiday Season.

And, have a chat with Santa while you’re out and about, from your mobile!

Oh, right, yes, all of our web properties are undergoing a makeover the next few days…so, that’s our final year-end clean up…

See you at CES?

Mobile Virtual Agents + Bricks and Mobile





Nice article and fabulous screenshot (gee, shopGirl looks familiar in her new interface!), even if we weren’t specifically mentioned!



Yes, that’s a preview of the new UI…though, it’s evolved a bit since that prototype…



Mobile Marketing Start To Think Conversationally

This was fascinating to look at from Quaker Oats and their recent mobile campaign — that’s termed “conversation,” though in our opinion, it is taking a step toward conversation without jumping into actual 2-way conversation. . .


But, it’s an important step to see a major Brand move into conversation based mobile engagement — Our position that mobile devices are, at heart, communicators, is clearly key in the campaign thinking for the above.

Thanks @Mposada for sending the link and seeing the connection!


UPDATE:  Another article this week with an excellent quote and perspective from Mike Wehrs of Scanbuy:


“It is also an empowerment tool that allows for a one-to-one conversation…”


MySantaTalk by the Numbers – Interactive Story and Chat Analytics + QR, Tag, SMS

My Santa Talk was released 30-days ago as both a B2B Holiday Greeting (from http://contentAI.com) as well as a trial consumer-facing mobile web application with a soft online promotion.

Part of the consumer-facing effort was to get an indication of how Users would find and engage in a conversational mobile web application.

The methods a User could access MySantaTalk from mobile include:

  • SMS Shortcode and Keyword
  • QR Code
  • Microsoft TAG
  • Direct (Link) or typing URL subdomain

The promotion has been exclusively on-line and mobile, without any print collateral.  Therefore, the ratio of Direct to QR/2D cannot be presumed to be indicative of a print campaign.

Here is a summary of the analytics:

1)                  USER ENGAGEMENT

a.       Short = 1 minute

b.      Long = 19 minutes

c.       Average = 4 minutes

2)                  GEOGRAPHY

a.       North America = 70%

b.      International (32 Countries) = 30%

3)                  BARCODE SCANS, SMS and DIRECT Access

a.       QR = 9%

b.      Microsoft TAG = 2%

c.       Shortcode/Keyword SMS = 2%

d.      Direct =  87%

4)                  QR SCAN BREAKDOWN (34 Device Types)

a.       iOS =  46.1%

b.      Android =  21.3%

c.       RIM = 18.2%

d.      Symbian = 3.4%

e.       Other = 3.4%

The analytics on the QR Scan are from http://percentmobile.com and their http://delivr.com code generator.  These were the most comprehensive analytics and provided extremely valuable data.  AdMob’s mobile analytics had too high a ratio of “unknowns,” however, provided engagement analytics for the WAP/HTML mobile site itself.

While the campaign has not concluded and there are some last-minute pre-Holiday week PR efforts that will broaden the consumer-facing traffic, we wanted to review the numbers to-date and get a feel for the end-to-end User experience.

What can we extrapolate from this? Some of this was obvious (in advance) and some was new to discover:

1)      Providing multiple touch-points to access a mobile web application is crucial.  Including direct Links that can be forwarded and shared by Users

2)      Mobile Web (WAP and HTML) doubles the reach of an iPhone App at a fraction of the cost.

3)      The percentage of iOS users was nearly 50%, however, we project that would have been reduced if this were consumer-facing only, and did not include the B2B corporate Holiday greeting to advertising agencies and mobile partners (where iOS skews very high)

4)      Despite the comparatively low percentage of QR scans to “direct,” the fact that 34 different devices used a QR reader indicates that QR has a significant consumer adoption level at this point (it is not an iPhone or Droid-only phenomena)

5)      SMS Keyword and Shortcode Access was not as significant as we had anticipated.  While there is a location-based test underway this week that may change this evaluation, frankly, we’d projected that SMS access would have equaled or exceeded the QR scans.

6)      The duration of the engagements has been exceptionally encouraging, both in terms of quantitative and qualitative data.  With an estimated average of 4 minutes per Session, on a mobile web site, that is higher than projected and indicates that contentAI’s  “conversational mobile engagement” format is deeply compelling for Users.

Noting, apx. :30 seconds of most engagement included viewing of a mobile video clip.  We’ve moved that clip so that the conversational flow can be more readily measured during the final week of the campaign.

In conclusion:

The traffic levels have increased on a steady curve throughout the 30-day period with a few minor spikes.  However, the content and experience is most applicable to the upcoming pre-Christmas week; and, with the B2B effort concluded, and SEARCH making up 70% of the traffic to the online site (site optimization has raised MY SANTA TALK to a few key first pages on GOOGLE), it’s possible that we’ll derive additional insight in the forthcoming week on the overall campaign and user experiences.

If you haven’t experienced the MYSANTATALK mobile web story and virtual chat, the mobile URL is:  http://m.MySantaTalk.com – Or, look for the QR, 2D code or Shortcode and keyword over on:  http://MySantaTalk.com/mobileaccess

Happy Holidays.

Our Conversational AI Holiday App Gets a Shoutout – My Santa Talk

We appreciate the post from @textually for our MY SANTA TALK property that’s in the public wild’s for the Holidays.  To clarify, only the URL is sent via SMS.  The interactive chat and story is mobile web only (so that it includes graphics and video)…

Here’s the Link and the write up:

Thanks Emily!

Why Mobile Virtual Agents Matter — Shoppers Prefer Smartphones to Store Associates

The headline from MOBILE COMMERCE – INTERNET RETAILER says it all:

Shoppers would rather use smartphones than consult store associates, survey finds


This was based on “archive and search” solutions, not our drill-down and deliver contextually relevant information via “conversation.”  Which, we believe will extend this user preference.

It’s an excellent indication for our business that virtual clerks and mobile engagement with contextually relevant conversational experiences will be part of everyone’s typical shopping experience in the very near future.

That said, we feel that Retailers should find a method to balance and use “live” Store associates in an entirely new blend of virtual/smartphone and human engagement.  BEST BUY’S @twelpforce initiative that’s gone on for over a year is an interesting model to consider; however, our position is that the @twelpforce knowledge should be automated and constantly updated, so that an “ultimate” virtual sales associate could handle the online and mobile, and the humans could concentrate on the real world engagements.

Conversational AI – Deep Mobile Engagement

While the conversations between Users and virtual characters are anonymous on our WAP chat delivery channel, we do review the chat logs (human review) to see how well the application is working and to see where there are areas for improvement.  The conversational logs also provide aggregated analytics.

With our consumer-facing http://mysantatalk.com application just reaching the marketing, one item we’re watching closely is the duration of each Session — MYSANTATALK is potentially much longer than most of our commercial, marketing applications — So, the obvious question is:  Will people engage with interactive mobile entertainment for more than a minute or two?

We are seeing an increasing number of Sessions running in the 8 minute range.  With some as high as 14 minutes.

With the prospect of “hiding” special videos or other valuable elements in conversation and encouraging multiple trips through each story, it’s possible we could increase this number.

Now, we’re all about quality, not quantity.  But, no one is going to hang in there for 10 minutes with something they don’t enjoy; so, we’re pleased to see the Sessions lasting longer than we’d projected.

Nice To Be Noticed – QR, Virtual Character and Chat “Firsts”

We really appreciate receiving feedback and suggestions — And, it’s also nice to get mentions about our efforts.  We recently launched our http://mysantatalk.com Holiday interactive chat/story — And, we also used it as our Holiday Greeting to friends, business associates and Partners.

We hadn’t really thought about this being a “first” in terms of using QR for a Holiday greeting – thanks Helen for the mention — coming from one of the most innovative digital storytellers out there, it’s appreciated…

Looking for the QR Tag?

Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays — My Santa Talk Unwrapped

It’s both a B2B “hello” — And, an example of mobile web entertainment for consumer-facing engagement:


For direct access to the interactive narrative adventure story — complete with graphics, animation AND video.