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Version 1.2 of our Platform Now In Release — HTML.5 Audio

Over at our subsidiary mLearning venture:, the first release of our Ver. 1.2 of the platform’s enhanced UI is now available to kick tires and also LISTEN to the sound of tires being kicked! We’ve added pre-recorded Audio to the applications which is cross-browser and cross-device compatible (OK, there are some lingering platforms we’re

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Conversational Messaging and mHealth

This story caught our attention today, about using SMS “reminders” for mHealth in Kenya: Now imagine that the health workers could query the system for instant answers to common questions?  Or, be lead through step by step simulations for circumstances they face? We can route via SMS, but, even at the 1-cent per

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mLearning Simulations and Story…Encouraging Exploration…

“Precision oftentimes kills the ability of the learner to discover multiple real-life applications.” There have been a couple of follow up blog posts to the WIRED article entitled: IN PRAISE OF VAGUENESS. One notable blog post is here:  VAGUE STORIES HELP LEARNERS DISCOVER. This is very consistent with the responses we’re receiving from ESL teachers

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Our ESL Conversational Simulations now on APPup (Windows)

Our unit have now released their “build once” conversational ESL apps on Intel’s APPup store for Windows devices. Here’s are the Links: APPup appears to have a strong commitment to educational content — We’re pleased to be flowing through their channel, in addition to mobile web, Android, and NOOK.

Conversational Mobile Engagement — Think Big. Think Fresh.

We attended the MobilePortland gathering last night that addressed Mobile as a Platform for Change. It was an unusual tech event for Portland, in our opinion, because it (a) thought bigger, (b) inspired outside of the box thought, and (c) was global in scope — local events don’t always hit those points. But, it was

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Conversational Mobile Marketing – Interesting Bits from the Week

Fascinating week here.  We wrapped  the conversational apps into Android with the online platform. We’re anxiously awaiting AppsGeyser to tweak their platform so that the apps can be submitted into the new AMAZON Android App Store (whatever it will be called???).  Word is “about 2 weeks.”  In the meantime, the apps are already

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Mobile Web First, But Apps as Backup – Single Build Practice

We are proponents of pushing mobile web builds and delivery.  Most content and user experiences don’t require Apps — the bells and whistles they offer are often hollow.  Plus, mobile web is increasingly capable of delivering those same bells and whistles, ideally, used well. That said, a whole lot of people Search for Apps and

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Conversational mLearning Coupled with Traditional Learning

Because Kenneth Beare describes this better than we do, his recent post at Is a great introduction to our subsidiary platform and how it can be coupled with a Lesson Plan.  The use of a QR code is intended to add to the fun/mystery/intrigue of bridging from paper to mobile (but, Users

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