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Evolving Distribution Patterns in Mobile and Browsers

While the Native v. HTML5 pseudo-battle waged over the past year, we pretty much stayed away from it – We’re platform agnostic – We work with nearly all formats (including ye olde Java apps)… But, for our own proprietary Apps it’s been fascinating to see how one of our strongest release channels has been the

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Virtual Agents on Mobile – NOT the same UX as Online

We have a lot of respect and appreciation for companies who’ve been working on “site agents” (virtual agents) on traditional web sites — Many have been in business for five years or more.  Typically, those site agents are charged with bringing up various data elements or Links, which helps the User to better navigate the

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Hey, contentAI, where’s that Voice Recognition?

We get that question alot (though phrased in a variety of ways). Today’s New York Times story HERE  reminded us to bring up the topic in this post. We could readily integrate our platform with server-side voice recognition or within native-apps – But, we don’t feel that the majority of mobile applications we produce really

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Mobile – Where the Growth and Eyeballs Are…

There is an excellent Deck, presented by FLURRY, during IGNITION WEST last week  HERE The two slides that really stand out — Specific to contentAI — Are related to 2-screen engagement times (when the television AND the mobile device are BOTH in use) and the ratio of ad dollars to consumer time (mobile spending will

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Innovation in Mobile Ads – Topic Du Jour

Nice perspective from Barcelona, as well as projections for the market: What’s nice to see is that some “uniquely mobile” experiences are coming to light – beyond porting static web engagement – but, really thinking about the User Experience on mobile. The future’s so bright. . .

Mobile is Personal — Really Personal…it’s called Love (Maybe)

While the study was small in scope, the take-away from the New York Times article here Addresses not just an “addictive” nature to mobile engagement – But it goes further — To a “love” of our mobile devices. The subjects’ brains responded to the sound of their phones as they would respond to the

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Virtual Agents Get Closer to Customers

One of the early players in the “virtual agent” business was VirtuOZ, we have not seen them venture into mobile (though they’ve talked about it); and our interactive narrative engagement solution differs from their engine in other key respects (contentAI was designed specifically for mobile, contextual and personalized engagement, not static web). That said, we

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Mobile Marketing Start To Think Conversationally

This was fascinating to look at from Quaker Oats and their recent mobile campaign — that’s termed “conversation,” though in our opinion, it is taking a step toward conversation without jumping into actual 2-way conversation. . . But, it’s an important step to see a major Brand move into conversation based mobile engagement —

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Conversational Messaging and mHealth

This story caught our attention today, about using SMS “reminders” for mHealth in Kenya: Now imagine that the health workers could query the system for instant answers to common questions?  Or, be lead through step by step simulations for circumstances they face? We can route via SMS, but, even at the 1-cent per

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Mobile Technology and Developers v. Average User

Each day there’s a story about one platform, or another, being the winner-take-all in the mobile universe.  Or, a story about how some new technology/platform means the death rattle of another. Today’s story is about an image recognition feature added to LAYER’s AR engine that sounds like Google GOGGLES, but, with more brand control on

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