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2nd Screen Apps Featuring Virtual Characters

      We’ve been very focused on 2nd Screen applications for our platform and are in discussions with companies we can work with for broadcast solutions which we feel are exceptional (Hint:  They do NOT use audio for automated content recognition).  Nothing wrong with Audio ACR, but there are other approaches which are faster

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Mobile Virtual Agents – Speech v. Text

Speech recognition is a wonderful technology.  SIRI uses Nuance.  iSpeech is a strong platform (we have a few other favorites as well); and, Android’s speech recognition is excellent. But. . . Even under optimal conditions (little or no ambient noise; microphone close to mouth; high quality microphone, etc.), the best speech recognition engines are running

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Second Screen Apps – Extending Story & Character

Over the past 5 weeks, it seems that not a day goes by when some new study emerges specific to how “the audience” for television are already engaged in concurrent, multi-screen engagement (see blog posts below with links)  — Just not with the 2nd Screen content being related to the television (email, social networks, essentially

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Prime-Time is Multi-Screen Time. . .Extending Story…

We were asked to summarize some thoughts on 2nd Screen experiences and extending story, and emotional engagement, between screens. Here’s the ‘in a nutshell’ version. . . The studies are now in…audiences now participate in concurrent, multi-screen experiences — Prime-tme is multi-screen time — But, that doesn’t mean the content, stories and brand stories are

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Virtual Agents on Mobile – NOT the same UX as Online

We have a lot of respect and appreciation for companies who’ve been working on “site agents” (virtual agents) on traditional web sites — Many have been in business for five years or more.  Typically, those site agents are charged with bringing up various data elements or Links, which helps the User to better navigate the

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Hey, contentAI, where’s that Voice Recognition?

We get that question alot (though phrased in a variety of ways). Today’s New York Times story HERE  reminded us to bring up the topic in this post. We could readily integrate our platform with server-side voice recognition or within native-apps – But, we don’t feel that the majority of mobile applications we produce really

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Mobile Virtual Assistants – SIRI, Lawsuits and Solutions

In the past week, concurrent with two lawsuits launched against APPLE and SIRI; mentioned in Venturebeat this week; and last week here  as well — We’ve been drawn into at least a half-dozen discussions about how/why/if this is warranted and how the contentAI mobile virtual agents differ? First off, “SIRI” is promoted as a “virtual personal assistant.”

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Mobile – Where the Growth and Eyeballs Are…

There is an excellent Deck, presented by FLURRY, during IGNITION WEST last week  HERE The two slides that really stand out — Specific to contentAI — Are related to 2-screen engagement times (when the television AND the mobile device are BOTH in use) and the ratio of ad dollars to consumer time (mobile spending will

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Our “My Santa Talk” Featured on INTEL’s AppUp Store

Congrats to our contentAI and MySantaTalk team. . .INTEL’s AppUP store has the “My Santa Talk” interactive chat with Santa on it’s featured banner page…you know, up there with Angry Birds… INTEL’S appUP (Windows 32 & 64)** http://www.appup.com/applications/applications-My+Santa+Talk

Mobile is Personal — Really Personal…it’s called Love (Maybe)

While the study was small in scope, the take-away from the New York Times article here http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/01/opinion/you-love-your-iphone-literally.html?_r=2&emc=eta1&pagewanted=all Addresses not just an “addictive” nature to mobile engagement – But it goes further — To a “love” of our mobile devices. The subjects’ brains responded to the sound of their phones as they would respond to the

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