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Conversational Virtual Agents and Google+

We really like the look and feel of Google+ — It will take a good half year (at least) to gain traction, but once University students start tapping into it for both academic and social applications, it could be a winner. So, the first thought was:  Can our virtual characters and brand agents flow through

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Conversational Apps on Mobile — Expanding Channels and Reach

Mobile web is our core and base delivery. But, we understand that people are using app stores for Search at a level nearly equal to mobile web search. So, about two months ago, we added Android delivery to the mix. In the past week, we’ve now tested and are pleased to add Windows/Mobile and MeeGo

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AdTech 2011…New Products … Uniquely Mobile Experiences

AdTech 2011 in San Francisco last week offered up a lot to consider with regard to both mobile publishing (our mLearning B2C initiatives) as well as a mobile technology and service provider for marketing, advertising and entertainment applications. One big take-away was that a number of established, online advertising platforms are only beginning to wrap

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Conversational Virtual Agents, Mobile and Visual Avatars…

Over at Forrester, Diana Clarkson’s blog brought up an interesting topic – What should avatars look like for virtual agents? http://blogs.forrester.com/diane_clarkson/11-03-09-what_should_a_virtual_agent_look_like As you can see, or not see, we don’t incorporate visual avatars with our contentAI virtual agents, characters or mLearning applications (See:  ESLai.com) Why not?  Especially since the Principals of the company come from

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New User Interface on Mobile Web Conversational Marketing Channel

The new graphical elements and user navigation only available on client projects has now been applied to our online demos. The graphical enhancement allows more branding and user call-to-action features on the Landing Page.  The user navigation revision streamlines the actual chat experience and accelerates the user experience by over 50% — Also, making it

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The Cereal Aisle: Flashing Lights or Conversation?

This post caught our attention: http://calorielab.com/news/2011/01/13/fulton-innovation-and-ecoupled-ces-2011/ Specifically, the “light up cereal boxes” of the “future!” — This envisions (delivers) a future where visual, digital triggers are even more all-pervasive than the vision of BLADE RUNNER. It’s cool.  It’s clever.  It will get my attention once or twice — But, end of the day, it’s NOISE. 

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New Year. . .New Features. . .Conversational Mobile Marketing Evolves

That was quite a lag in blog posts. The Holidays took over (after an exceptionally busy December, in part, due to the consumer-facing MySantaTalk app); then, CES (yes, lots of tablets and 3D TV, but, in general, not the most exciting CES; some work in mobile health felt pretty substantial and game changing). What’s up

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Our Conversational AI Holiday App Gets a Shoutout – My Santa Talk

We appreciate the post from @textually for our MY SANTA TALK property that’s in the public wild’s for the Holidays.  To clarify, only the URL is sent via SMS.  The interactive chat and story is mobile web only (so that it includes graphics and video)… Here’s the Link and the write up: Thanks Emily!

Why Mobile Virtual Agents Matter — Shoppers Prefer Smartphones to Store Associates

The headline from MOBILE COMMERCE – INTERNET RETAILER says it all: Shoppers would rather use smartphones than consult store associates, survey finds http://www.internetretailer.com/2010/12/06/shoppers-would-rather-use-smartphones-store-associates This was based on “archive and search” solutions, not our drill-down and deliver contextually relevant information via “conversation.”  Which, we believe will extend this user preference. It’s an excellent indication for our

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Conversational AI – Wide Ranging Applications

Today was one of those days when the human conversations about “conversational AI” spanned a very wide range. Interestingly, our MY SANTA TALK application works well as an example for both intelligent packaging and brand customer relations as well as for conversational mLearning, particularly ESL (See our ESL initiatives at:  http://ESLai.com).  Our SHOPGIRL application also

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